5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress

Currently, over 70 million websites are built with WordPress and this number is increasing every day. WordPress is not only a blogging system but also a content management system used for building websites. Ensuring that your WordPress website is kept secure and safe by installing good security plugins is a very important decision to make. Although WordPress system is very secure, its security system can be seriously downgraded by installing a bad plugin, a bad theme or if it’s not kept up to date. If you have installed a nasty plugin or if you are using an old version then your site is vulnerable to hackers who unfortunately enjoy misusing websites.

Thankfully, there are some WordPress security plugins that can protect your website from being hacked. These plugins provide several features to ensure that your website or blog is secured from any vulnerability. If you have a WordPress website then it’s highly advisable that you configure and install security plugins to protect it from some of the most determined hackers. While these are not the only solution, they are the most popular security plugins that you can use to secure your site. Here is a list of 5 best wordpress security plugins and solutions.

1. Wordfence

When it comes to website security, Wordfence is one of the best security plugins. It not only scans all the files of your WordPress theme, core and plugins but it also checks your website for any malware infection. It comes with a virus scanning, new cache engine, and a firewall. It has the capability to recover core files in case they have been infected a virus. In addition, it scans comments, posts, and malicious URLs. Moreover, you can also use this security to block traffic from any country that you do not want. It also uses firewall to block scanners, fake traffic, and botnet. If it gets anything it will instantly notify you. If you want to use more features to secure your website you can use its premium version

2. iThemes Security

Among all the websites plugins this is one of the most popular. Since iThemes is one of the strongest companies their plugin is updated often and is well supported. According to users, it offers over 30 ways to secure your website and even protect your website. With just one click you can protect your website and stop any automated attacks. It also handles any security holes in your site. It scans malware, import/export settings, adds a two-factor authentification and tracks registered users’ activities. It generally scans the whole website and tries to find if there is any potential risk to your site. It bans IP attacks which try to bruteforce into your site. Although both of them have almost the same features, the premium version has more features such as Geo ID banning, two-factor authentification and user action logging.

3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri security provides a free plugin that is readily available in the WordPress repository. It offers a list of security features including file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, security activity auditing, website firewall and blacklist monitoring. It incorporates a list of blacklist engines such as Sucuri labs, Norton, Google safe browsing, McAfree Site advisor and more that can help you to check your website. If they detect something wrong they will immediately notify you by mail. This security plugin protects your website from Zero Day Disclosure Patches, scanner attacks, bruteforce attacks, DOS attacks. It also keeps information about all the activities. This means if someone bypasses your controls your security logs will still remain safe. It actually offers a complete model for preventing your website from being hacked or attacked. It comes with an antivirus, WAF Firewall, and a malware removal services. More so, if you want to discuss any security threat a team is always ready to help you. Apart from offering malware protection, they are always up to date with the latest hacks. For instance, in case you are hacked, they can get rid of the malware within 12 hours.

4. All in One WP Security and Firewall

This is another good plugin that can check the vulnerabilities of your website with ease. It’s not only easy to use but it also reduces the risks by adding the best practices. It protects your website against bruteforce attack and lockdown in case an attacker tries to access your site. If someone gets locked out due to login attempts, it notifies you. It also detects if a user tries to use a weak password. It also keeps tracks of the username and monitors all the activities of the account. You can also use it to schedule automatic backup and receive notifications through emails. It also adds web applications to your website that enables 5G blacklists to protect your site from any attacks. It prevents XSS, SQL injection, malicious boots and bad query strings. Its security scanner also keeps track of files and notifies you of any change in your system. It protects your blog from spams and can also detect any malicious code from your website.

5. BulletProof Security

This is also another WordPress security plugin that that helps to secure your website without problem. With just one click it provides you with the security solution that you need. Apart from protecting the wp- admin folder it secures your website against CRLF, RFI, Code Injection and SQL injection. It uses a htaccess security protection to protect key files such as php.ini, wp-config, and many other files. If your site is under maintenance it readily informs your visitors. It also records and displays the number of WP dashboard logins. Also, in case it detects any malicious activity, it alerts through email. It’s normally updated with new vulnerabilities to ensure that your website is protected well. It also has pro version that provides advanced features to ensure that the security of website is enhanced. However, the free version is enough to ensure that your website is secure.

Final thoughts

With an increasing number of threats and attacks, it’s very important to install security plugins to your sites. If you do not code a lot this is the best way to secure your site. Remember, staying safe will not only put you in a better position but will also leave you in a safe zone as compared to someone who decides to do nothing. Try them out today to ensure that you protect your website.

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Bob Edwards

Thumbs up for WordFence. The guys from rosehosting recommended this plugin to me and it helped me to find malicious code injected in some files. This was probably caused because I didn’t update the plugins for a long time while I used another hosting provider.


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