Creating a Membership Site: Recommended WordPress Membership Plugins

Creating a Membership Site: Recommended WordPress Membership Plugins

Membership sites offer a unique and effective way to deliver content to specific audiences. This is because a membership site will give you complete control when you want to selectively enable or disable access to content on your site by members.

Membership sites are perfect for delivering paid content to readers as it minimizes issues of privacy. This is because the content is not contained in PDF files like in paid eBooks. Even though you cannot totally prevent piracy, it is less likely to happen on membership sites.


Advantages of Creating a Membership Site

There are several advantages of building a membership site.

· Increased revenue – By providing access to your content, you can charge a monthly subscription fee. Paid content is one of the best website monetization models as it does not irritate readers like sponsored posts and online ads.

· Controlled content access – With membership sites, you can block non-members or those who haven’t renewed their subscriptions access to certain content on your website.

· Minimal piracy- Pirating paid content is not easy as the content is not contained in PDF file. Even though this can still happen, it is extremely rare.


How to Create a WordPress Membership Site?

Creating and implementing a membership site is not an easy task. However, this task can be simplified by using WordPress membership plugins.

Features of Membership Sites

There are several distinct features of membership sites.

· Members Login System- Membership sites have a login based system which lets visitors subscribe to become members. Members can select a suitable membership package and proceed to pay.

· Restricted Content – Membership sites have premium content that is separate from free content. This restricted content, which is only available to members should remain hidden not indexed by search engines.

· Payment Processing- One common feature of membership sites is their ability to process payment through payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe etc. These payment gateways are usually integrated with the site.



WordPress Membership Plugins

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a great and useful WordPress membership plugin for people seeking to build a membership site. It has more than 40 add-ons and a free version for those who would like to try it out. Some of the features of the Paid Memberships Pro WordPress plugin include;

· Supports several payment gateways- Paid Memberships Pro supports a number of payment gateways like, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree, Cybersource and PayPal (Standard, Website Payments Pro, Express and PayPal Payments Pro/Payflow)

· Unlimited membership levels-one important feature of any membership plugin is its ability to manage its members and access levels. Paid Memberships Pro will let you add an unlimited number of membership levels that fits with your business model. Additionally, Paid Memberships Pro has a great member’s management panel that enables you easily and effectively manage your members.

· Supports subscription- Paid Memberships Pro supports subscription membership where you charge users on a recurring basis, whether weekly, monthly or yearly.

· Friendly Admin- Paid Memberships Pro is easy to use as it has easy to understand settings and admin pages. You can easily use the different features of the plugin; whether it is setting up membership levels, setting up gateway systems or generating membership reports.

· Has Paid add-ons-It has a wide range of paid add-ons that add specific features to the plugin. You will need to either purchase the PMPro Core Plan and PMPro Plus plan at $97 and $ 197 respectively to enable you access the add-ons.


Restrict Content Pro

This Word Press Membership Plugin has been created by Pippin Williamson, a distinguished and respected person in the WordPress community. Pippin Williamson is the creator of Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP. These plugins have more than a million downloads. Features of the Restrict Content Pro WordPress Membership Plugin include;

· Supports a number of payment gateway- Restrict Content Pro will let you integrate a number of payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Braintree. You can also use paid add-ons to integrate PayPal Express, 2Checkout and Stripe Checkout.

· Supports third party integration – Restrict Content Pro allows integration with third party plugins like MailChimp, AWeber, and BuddyPress.

· User Friendly-Restrict Content Pro is user-friendly as it has an easy to use admin interface. All settings are easily accessible from the admin panel.

· Excellent Reporting Tools- This WordPress membership plugin has an elegant and easy to use reporting tool. You will be able to get monthly or custom reports to exactly know how your membership site is performing.

· Discount Codes Creation – You can easily create discount codes for your members with the Restrict Content Pro membership plugin. You can create percentage or flat rate discounts.

· Membership Emails- You can send emails to your members. Whether welcome emails to new members, reminders, payment receipts and any other relevant emails.

· Paid add-ons- If you want specific features like custom redirects, site creation, content dripping and many others, you can use the paid add-ons.



Creating a Membership Site

MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin known for its incredible features and ease of use. MemberMouse offers 3 subscription packages for you to select which package best suits your site. Some of the features of this plugin include;

· Has an incredible customer management feature- MemberMouse has one of the best customer management dashboards which allows you to manage your membership from a central place. You can also get comprehensive reports on membership performance.

· Supports any site regardless of business- no matter the product or service you are selling, MemberMouse will adequately support your business.

· Member’s area members have their own dashboard where they can manage their subscriptions and change their profile and account details.

· Provides insights and analytics- You will be able to get all data regarding your membership site. From membership history, order details, cancellations, revenue collection and many other valuable insights which will help you make effective decisions.



Creating a Membership Site

MemberPress is an effective membership plugin that allows integration with a number of services. It has a user-friendly control panel, allows for unlimited user levels and one can facilitate the selling of digital products. As one of the recommended WordPress membership plugins, here are some of its key features.

· Integration with email services- MemberPress easily integrates with several email marketing solutions including AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp and Mad Mini.

· Integration with payment gateways- this membership plugin supports several payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, and

· Discount code creation- Allows you to generate unlimited discount codes for you to offer discounts to your clients



Even though implementing a membership site is a difficult task and you may end up giving up during the initial stages, all the effort is worth it in the end.


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