Top 7 Real Estate Plugins for WordPress

Top 7 Real Estate Plugins for WordPress

Whether you’re looking to get clients or buyers, a website is a must-have in the real estate niche. If you aren’t online you don’t really exist, after all. The statistics don’t lie, either. In a 2012 US report, prospective home buyers depended on the Internet 100% for their search.

No need to fret, anyway, because WordPress has got you covered when it comes to real estate plugins. Plugins that are specially designed to make your site stand out from the competition.



Available free of charge, Impress Listings is among the popular real estate plugins. This plugin — also previously called WP Listings — comes with a default grouping that helps manage your listings. Done in a detailed manner, the process involves including separate listings in terms of their status, location, features, and property type.

The good thing is you don’t need to use the default taxonomy that comes with the plugin. You can arrange your listings in whatever order you prefer with your own taxonomy.

For each listing, the individual properties will be added automatically; you don’t need to use any individual shortcodes. Google Maps will also be added automatically.

Note that this plugin works just fine with any theme you’d use — not necessarily the developer’s Equity Theme.

Once you upgrade to premium, you should access other helpful features including support for MLS and additional templates.



This is another helpful plugin that will not disappoint when it comes to creating a detailed listing on your real estate website.

Whether you want to sell paid listings or just manage your own listings, Real Estate Pro is sure to be a winner. You can also combine the aforementioned two if you like.

The plugin also allows for payments (PayPal and Stripe), should you opt to sell listings. Thanks to the inbuilt bidding system, too, as it helps you sell some featured listings.

Moreover, the plugin is complete with such a comprehensive taxonomy. Consequently, you’ll not only be able to separate the listings, but you can also create a user-friendly platform.

Creating a terrific Google Map couldn’t be easier with this plugin, either. Which is why you should be able to highlight the listings in each location.



Like the name suggests, this premium plugin will help generate a mortgage loan calculator on your site.

While there’s a plethora of complementary loan calculators out there, WP Amortization Calculator does stand out, and here’s why:

The plugin allows for a free PDF report to be sent to your prospects’ email addresses. This way, you can entice your prospects, thus generating leads.

Also, unlike the free calculators, WP Amortization Calculator boasts a more-than-appealing appearance, which certainly is a plus.



Whether you’re using it for real estate portals or for real estate agents, this premium plugin will certainly fit the bill. It helps make a responsive listing on your site.

The plugin features multiple demos so you can gauge how it works on both regular or Estatik’s dedicated themes. Either way, you can use either theme. Just be sure to create the taxonomies you need to organize your listings.

The listings page does show a few features including the basic details, property information, Google Maps location, and property photos in a gallery.

You may as well want to go with the Pro Version that boasts more options such as social sharing integrations, video tours, a map display, added styles, etc.



While this plugin is free, you might want to open up your wallet for the paid extensions, which come with added features.

Also, chances are high you’ll see a few dedicated theme templates that come with this plugin. No need to worry, anyway, because Easy Property Listings can work with just about any theme. In fact, Genesis and other popular themes have been confirmed to blend well with the plugin.

The listings can be showcased either as a vertical list or a responsive grid. There’s a tool that makes it super easy to add the listings, too. Moreover, there are detailed author profiles that will help separate the listings by whichever criterion.

As if it’s not enough, this plugin is complete with a pronounced search widget. It doesn’t matter the theme you’re using, but this widget should pull from it to fit your design.

There’s quite a number of paid extensions that come with Easy Property Listings, just in case you want to dig into your pockets. These offer added features including staff directory, advanced mapping, extra listing templates, etc.



With this premium plugin, you can come up with property listings for different real estate projects.

The fact that it comes with a comprehensive Ajax search is a bonus. Using distinct search criteria, your prospects can easily modify their search without having to reload the page.

Again, the listings will open in a separate window, which is just some sort of light-box that allows for your visitors to see several property listings. Plus, they should do it without having to navigate to different pages.

Yet, if the “light-box” thing isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt to use separate pages for each of your listings.

Even so, the individual property listings will include handy details such as pictures, features, Google Maps location, etc.



A free plugin with a plethora of paid add-ons, WPL Real Estate seems to work best if you’re willing to spend a fortune. Yes, the free version doesn’t seem to offer much, really.

This plugin works for both agencies and solo agents. Just don’t forget that the setup process is quite a nut to crack, and it might need the help of a professional.

Even so, WPL Real Estate comes with several features and works just fine with RETS/IDX/VOW and MLS.



If you’re looking to create a real estate website out there, you definitely want to give these plugins a shot. The premium options are sure to give a stella job, though. Just refrain from using WPL Real Estate if you’re not going to seek the services of a developer.

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