Step 3 – How to Use WordPress

Step 3 – How to Use WordPress

Do you want to use a WordPress blog the best way? It’s true that starting a blog can be a very terrifying process especially if you are still new but with the right techniques and skills you should be up and running within a very short time. Thankfully, regardless of your skills you will realize that the process is very easy. But how can you use WordPress? With your blog and webhosting up and running the next step is to learn how to use WordPress. However, if you have not done this you need to go back to step 2 so that you can have a rough idea of the process.

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Logging into your WordPress

Once you have installed WordPress on your account you can log in and start using it right away. To access your site, just type the correct URL with your domain name and your site will appear within a very short time. However, if you cannot remember your login details such as the user name and password click on lost your password and you will know how to go about this.

Changing the title of your blog

When logging into your site for the first time, the first thing that you may want to do is to change the tagline and title of your blog. This will set as my blog by default hence it’s very important to edit them so that they can portray the actual topic or tagline that your site will be dealing in. If you want to access this area, just click on the settings icon on the dashboard then click on the general. Once the title of your blog has been set you can start creating your first blog to publish.

Creating your first WordPress blog

The most interesting thing about blogging is that you are going to create content. When it comes to WordPress, it’s very easy to write, edit, and publish your content. To start you up just click on the posts icon found on the left side of the menu and then lick add in. For you to include images, you only need to add media found right below the title. To customize your text fully, you need to ensure that you utilize all the features on the toolbar. If you cannot see the toolbar when you are logged into the WordPress just click on the last icon named the toolbar toggle. This means you can start posting content to your website right away without any hitches. The good thing is that you will also have the ability to edit, update, and remove anything that you do not need from your site. You can always do this as many times as you want. When creating WordPress post the most important things to note are post title and the post content

· Post title- This will be the title of your blog post. It will be shown on the top of the page that you have just created. Remember, it should be in tandem with you content.

· Post content- This is the main information that will appear on the page whether it’s the media or the text. Once you are through with writing and preparing the page you will publish it for your viewers to see. Once you have done this you will just click the publish button and you are good to do.

Changing your WordPress theme

For you to change how your website looks, you need to change your website theme. Each installed WordPress site always comes with a default theme. However, with just a few clicks your can easily change this without any problems. To access the themes just click appearance on the left-hand side menu then move to themes. Once you are here you can see all the themes available within your account and any other that are inactive as well. To add a new one click add new on the top right corner of your website. When you adding a new theme you can search through the theme directory and within your dashboard area. Alternatively, you can upload a theme in case you had, downloaded one previously from another source.

You, however, need to know that installing a downloaded WordPress theme can take a bit of your time. If you already have the theme that you have downloaded simply upload them in the same way that you would do the media. Just go to the themes and choose install them and then click the upload link that appears at the top of the page. Select choose file and choose the theme that you want to take for your site. You can upload it using a prompter and click install now. This will not only install the file but will also ensure that it’s updated. If you experience any problems while doing this, contact the creator to assist you on how you can go about it.

Depending on the theme that you have downloaded you can also customize it the way you want. Just go to the appearance, then customize the inside the theme that you wish to change. On the next page, you will see a variety of themes that you can choose from. Just look for the active theme and choose customize. After doing this, you will be dealing with many factors concerning the actual theme. However, paying for themes have their own options hence it’s important to talk to the creator of themes.

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Customize the WordPress dashboard

Customizing your WordPress dashboard can be very helpful especially if you want to get the kind of feel and look that you want When editing, managing, and improving your website. To start out you just need to know what you want to change. Go to the screen options found at the top right corner. You can then make some adjustments at the main dashboard for the good of your blog. After getting the right choice you can add in everything that you want to add and even rearrange them the way you want.