Step 4 – How to Design and Customize The Look of Your Blog

Step 4 – How to Design and Customize The Look of Your Blog

Once your blog has gone live and your WordPress installed you can embark on giving your website a customized look and feel. Every time a new WordPress blog is started on the internet it’s usually designed with its own theme. With more than 300 million blogs currently in existence, the worst thing you can do is developing a basic theme that matches millions of other blogs. The default theme is not only boring but it’s also unprofessional. Thankfully, you do not have to be an expert on graphics, site design, and programming to completely give your site a new appearance within minutes of using WordPress theme.

Don’t worry or be discouraged, once you go through these processes you will have known what to do when it comes to designing and customizing your blog. Before moving to the process of doing this here are some of the basics of WordPress.

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is basically a content management solution and a free software that people use to power their websites. Apart from easily creating and managing sites, it also has themes that have been developed by different creators all over the world. They normally do all the hard work of creating the website designs and ensuring that they look pretty much good. The only thing that you can do is to look for one that you really like, click a few buttons, and see how it would look on your site. Although most of these themes are great and will be fully working on your site within a short while almost all of them are completely customizable as well. If you choose premium themes you will have even more management options over the feel and look on your site. You will do this without having to touch the codes. This means WordPress themes are the easiest to use when you want to completely change the feel and the look of your website without any hitch. It will also help you represent yourself and the message that you are trying to deliver across.

Choosing the right theme for your site

Just like we have indicated there are a variety of WordPress themes out there. Apart from going for the perfect color and design for your site, you also need to choose whether to settle for premium or free WordPress themes that are readily available. Although free might sound as the best option choosing premium is the way to go especially if you want to have a great site. Here is a comparison between the two to help you know which one is the best.

1. Free WordPress themes

Just like the premium themes free WordPress theme is another option that you can choose when creating your website. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.


· They are not only used by so many people but they are also easy and free to install.

· You can easily browse through thousands of them within your site.


· Free themes are normally used by thousands of other websites out there. This means your website can easily get lost among other sites on the internet.

· Free themes have very limited customization options, user functionality, and support. This means almost all free themes do not have advanced features that premium themes have simply because they are provided free of charge. Not having WordPress updates and support could also make your website vulnerable to coding issues and attacks.

· Theme designer links is also one of the major advantages of having a premium theme. Where you not only have copyright over your site but you also have a complete control. Free WordPress themes are only created for the sole purpose of having backlinks on your site. Although free WordPress theme is a great option, if you are creating your website for the first time it’s not advisable to use it. There are just very many advantages of using premium themes. More so the costs are minimal hence it’s something that you can afford if you looking forward to having a great site. If you are already investing money, time, and effort it will not cost you much to ensure that it also looks professional and great in the process.

Premium WordPress themes

Premium WordPress themes usually cost between $39 and $149. However, there are many sites where you can access these themes at a very low monthly payment. While you may not want to consider paying for premium WordPress themes, there are several advantages that you are likely to enjoy with these themes.


· Premium WordPress themes usually look amazing. They will not only improve your site but they will ensure that it looks great especially if you want to sell.

· The majority of these sites also comes with customized features and dashboards areas which offer a complete control over your site. This means you can change virtually all aspects of your site. From colors to fonts and the menu, you can change anything that you want to change

· With these themes, you will also get WordPress updates and continued support.

· If you were to hire someone to create for you a completely customized theme for your website it might take several hours and this can also cost you a lot of money. By investing on premium themes you are saving a lot of cash.

· Premium WordPress theme also gives you a complete control on your website.


· With many premium themes out there, choosing the right one for your site can be overwhelming.

· Premium themes providers are always striving to make the process much better than their competitors. This means your theme may have extra features that take you a lot more time to learn.

Where to find premium themes

One of the websites where you can find premium themes is the MyThemeShop. This website is not only the best but also priced in such a way that it will not harm your pocket. Apart from the prices, they also have a membership plan that gives you full access to their themes and plugins. This also includes copyright removals, customer support and access to original PSD files. You can also choose an unlimited plan in order to access all their themes. When looking for a theme that you want to buy look at their demo themes that are already in place. Once you have downloaded their themes just go to the dashboard and customize it the way you want it to appear.

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