Ways to Avoid Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress

Your post title and URL play a crucial function in SEO. Having a replicate post title can adversely the affect SEO efficiency of your website. WordPress will replicate post titles by including a number at the end of URL slug. Nevertheless, these titles are still duplicates, and you must aim to prevent this happening. In this short article, we will reveal to you the best ways to avoid replicate post titles in WordPress.


How WordPress Deals with Duplicate Post Titles

WordPress immediately utilizes the post title as URL slug.
In the case of a replicate post title, WordPress attempts to differentiate the title by including a number at the end of the URL slug.

Considering that both post titles are still utilizing the exact same keywords, this might perplex online search engine when choosing which post ought to be ranked for the keywords utilized in the title.

Preventing Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress

If you are running a single author site, then you can quickly prevent this by just altering the title and getting rid of the number from WordPress URLs. Nevertheless, it’s a lot more difficult to monitor when you are running a huge author WordPress website.

However don’t worry, the resolution we’re going to cover is going to assist you avoid replicate post titles and encourage your authors to alter them.

The first thing you have to do is set up Unique Title Checker plugin.


The plugin works out of the package, and there are no settings for you to set up.
Just go to Posts” Include New and go into a special post title. The plugin will inspect the post title and alert you that it is unique, and is ready to go.

You can now attempt once again by producing another brand-new post. This time utilize a title that you have actually used for other posts.
The plugin will alert you that this title is currently been utilized by another post.


It will not stop you from modifying the article in anyway , saving it, or even publishing it.

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