The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins to Market More Effectively

Not long ago, blogging was a very easy thing. After purchasing a domain you come up with a home page and you are good to go. You could even hack your way around WordPress to design a static homepage. However, nowadays you require a totally different style. This is why many bloggers are nowadays making a landing page instead of a simple list of their posts. This works well because it allows taking your readers where you want them to go. Even if you want to design a sales page or make a page for your WordPress website you can still do this.

Regardless of what you are doing, you need a good plugin for a landing page if you want to work seriously on your website. This means you need to get the best WordPress plugin for a landing page. If you want to get the best chunk of possibilities you need one of these. These plugins are significant tools to help you attract customers to your home page.

Why you need to use landing page plugins

According to statistics, customers normally shift through advertisements and then move to other sites which are comparatively attractive. WordPress landing page plugins give you the ability to design a strong consumer base by providing the best solution for creating a good impression. It typically converts visitors into real leads and sales. This means even if you use a page builder to design a conversion page it’s still just going to be another page. If you want to come up with a strong landing page you need something that allows you to work outside your theme. The best solution for this is WordPress landing page plugin.

Types of landing page plugins

There are two major types of landing page plugins namely landing page builders and external services plugins that can easily integrate themselves into WordPress. Here is a list of the best WordPress landing page plugins

1. Thrive Landing Pages

This is one of the best landing page builders that works exceptionally well inside a WordPress. Just like other page builders, it works effectively in building the best landing page. The good thing is that you can even use thrive content builder. With this builder, you can design your own landing pages from a blank canvas that works outside you theme. Although it comes with all the elements that you need, if you do not want to start from the scratch you can use the templates. It has over 169 templates that you can use. Since these are all themed you can easily maintain a consistent style. However, if you are creative enough these templates might not fit your style.

2. Leadpages

This is not only WordPress plug but also doubles up as a landing page optimization platform that provides you with WordPress connector plugin. Due to its wide range of services, it’s actually worth all the effort. It not only simplifies but also automate the entire process of marketing. More so, it allows you to set up a system that you can use to send new posts to your subscribers automatically.

3. Opmizepress

This feature packed plugin allows you to design sales funnels, membership sites, and landing pages. It comes in both a plugin and theme hence you can use it with your current theme if you need that. Just like other builders, it can give you a blank canvas easily. If you do not want to start from the scratch it has more than 30 templates that you can use for free. It also comes with a marketplace that has other premium templates. However, since it has many features some users are reluctant to use it.

4. InstaPage

With a 4.1 rating, this is among the most compatible plugins that you can use. In fact, it’s compatible even with the most recent version of WordPress. It’s a bit different from other plugins in that it allows you to design pages within it. With more than 80 different templates, testing functionality, drag-drop interface, and integration it’s actually a star in its own form.

5. Beaver Builder

This landing page comes with a double punch and a theme combo that enables you to get a plugin mode depending on what you need. It offers functionalities that include built-in templates, drag and drop editing, and real editing abilities. With more friendly operations, it’s actually one of the most effective and easy to use landing page plugins.

6. Seedprod

Featuring full-screen backgrounds and customize templates, this is actually among the best plugins available. Due to the aim of collecting as many emails as possible before launching your site, it makes it easy by integrating email services such as MailPoet, Gravity Forms, Campaign monitor, Constant contact, MailChimp, and AWeber. Although it comes with a free version, it’s advisable to choose the pro version so as to enjoy its very many features. If you are looking forward to creating some booz before launching then this is the best plugin to use. For a single site license, you can get the pro version at $29.

7. Instabuilder

It’s amazing what a plugin such as Intabuildedr can be able to achieve in designing one of the best landing pages. This plugin can actually be used to create a variety of pages including thank you, sales pages, coming soon pages, download pages, and launch pages among others. It also comes with high-quality elements such as videos, buttons, Facebook comments, and images. This makes it the most effective when it comes to engaging your visitors.

8. Optin Ninja

If you want to be a complete marketer then this should come top on your list. This multifunction plugin allows you to design customizable pages that fit all your needs. It has over 30 photos that you can use for designing some of the best backgrounds. It also has a full guide to guide you through the whole process.


If you have the money to spend then Leadpages is the best landing page plugin to use. This is because it makes this process very simple and has user-friendly service. However, it has a recurring fee that makes it very expensive. This is why the best one to use is Thrive Landing Pages. Overall, you can choose any of these as long as it suits you well.

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