Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

12 Of The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

If you’re a WordPress user, drag and drop page builders shouldn’t be a new phrase really. These are simply WordPress plugins you can use to create killer web pages by use of the drag and drop system, provided you’re using a WordPress theme.

There’s a catch, though. You want to take note of the unique modules that are included with each page builder to ensure they are what you need. The user-interface counts, too; you want a page builder that has an easy-to-use interface.

That said, here’s a selection of the top drag and drop page builders for the WordPress podium. Read on to stay ahead of things!


This WordPress Page Builder Plugins proudly features 15+ templates so you can have your pick. You also have access to an import and export tool in order to facilitate layout transfers. Support for WooCommerce is no exception, either.

That’s not all. You get a free WordPress theme with this plugin. In order to help insert content into your website, this plugin boasts support for shortcodes and widgets, as well as a whopping 20+ responsive content modules.

Also, you want to know that BeaverBuilder comes with support for multisite.



This bestselling page builder is feature-packed so you can style your content in either the frontend or backend editor – you choose.


Developer-friendly, Visual Composer is also fully responsive. That’s right; your content looks terrific on all devices! As well, from social media modules to post grids, and more, you have access to an entire 45+ content modules that you can choose from. The included skin builder can be used to style all modules. Furthermore, if you like, you can insert widgets into the content area.



A stand-alone page builder (was originally available with Divi-theme only), Divi Builder is complete with 46+ modules such as post sliders, pricing tables, etc. The easy-to-use user interface is showed in your post editor, and there are several handy options like undo, redo, copy, and paste. As well, you are up to speed when it comes to margins and padding.

Among the attributes you will find most useful is the Divi library. Not only does it boast pre-made layouts, but it also allows for you to save rows, sections, modules, and layouts.



Elementor page builder was released in 2016. Thankfully, this stand-out page builder offers a pack of attributes that are usually only found with premium drag and drop page building solutions. That’s right; it boasts a colourful, easy-to-load interface that allows for frontend content styling. You also get 12 default WordPress widgets as well 28 elements. In addition, third-party WordPress widgets are supported.

With 20 premium templates included, you can get started just as easy. Also, the templating system is the reason you’ll save your layouts to be used on your site at your own discretion.
The pro version adds features such as support for WooCommerce, live custom CSS editing, etc.



User-friendly, Themify Builder allows for content styling via the frontend or backend editor. It comes with a plethora of tools for page building including pre-made layouts, import and export tool, etc.

You have access to chic styling options, too – 16 content modules, Google font support, and an extensive choice of animations.
It’s vital to state that this page builder is developer-friendly as well as responsive.



A frontend page builder with a user-friendly editor, ThriveThemes Content Builder comes with a plethora of features. Yes, you should find 12 content elements such as countdown timer, opt-in forms, video embedding, etc.

It also doesn’t matter if you want to create home pages or contact form pages (among other things), but ThriveThemes Content Builder should fit the bill.



Available in 11 languages, this page builder is fully responsive and is easy to use. It comes with several features including predefined layouts, support for WooCommerce, etc. Custom post types are supported as well.

Upon launching the Motopress content editor, a visual interface will automatically take the place of your content editor. Which is a plus, because then you can choose from 6 separate categories. While the first five categories feature 20 modules, including sharing buttons, the last category does allow for widget inclusion.



This free page builder is terrific when it comes to creating multi-column and multi-row pages on your site. The whole thing actually works by letting you input WordPress widgets into your pages.

To get started, you have access to 6 basic widgets – animated image, price box, loop button, etc. – that come with this plugin. In addition to these 6, you can choose to add more widgets by downloading SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle from WordPress.



Livecomper is another great designer tool that we use on weeblogger, Styling pages by use of a frontend editor couldn’t be easier with this page builder. That’s not all, it is more responsive and comes with such a colorful user interface.

You also get 30+ content modules including, comments, galleries, sliders, etc. Moreover, you can insert widgets into your page. Among other features, you have access to 10 pre-made layouts.



A premium page builder, this plugin lets you adjust styling with ease thanks to the frontend editor. The plugin also features theme customization and does support shortcodes and WordPress widgets. It supports four languages as well.

Just note that this page builder is lacking when it comes to built-in content modules. You’ll find about only a dozen basic content modules inclusive of a newsletter and table. However, because it supports widgets, there’s a ton of content options at your disposal.



The conductor is another page builder that supports frontend editing. You can alter your page design and insert widgets into your content, among other things.

This page builder is handier when it comes to theme customization rather than creating stylish pages. Notwithstanding, there are add-ons included that you can make use of to add tables, sliders, etc.



A versatile plugin, Forge comes with frontend editing and quite a number of content modules, actually 30+. Thanks to the import and export functionality, you can transfer designs and content between sites. You can also save and load layouts via the built-in templating system. In addition, forge features a responsive design.

Note that while this page builder is complimentary, you’ll need to unlock all of its attributes at a cost. You can also opt to purchase add-ons like advanced elements, global templating system, and layout library, all of which will add to the usability of Forge.




Want to edit the design of your website in real time? Yellow Pencil should come in handy. This plugin is a winner when it comes to customizing WordPress websites in real time. Whether you want to edit fonts, animations, background, and more, you can do it – in real time.

Yellow Pencil comes with 50+ style properties, and there’s no limit to the type of theme you can work with. That’s right; you can customize just about any theme. All devices – smartphone, tablet, PC – are supported because this plugin is fully responsive.

You also don’t need to be a pro to use the plugin. It is both intuitive and functional so anyone can use it, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

Yellow Pencil comes with several key features including 3 color palette, 600+ font family, 50+ animations, etc. That’s why customizing your site in real time couldn’t get easier with this super plugin. You don’t want to be left behind.



It’s a good thing that the aforementioned drag and drop page builders come with demos. You are at liberty to try out a demo prior to purchasing a page builder. Of course, while it may seem to be a bother, it will save you the side-hassle of having to undergo a refund, just in case you purchase a plugin that doesn’t suite your needs. Getting inconvenienced is the last thing you want to experience, right? So my advice to you would be go with Yellow Pencil it’s a fantastic tool and newbie friendly.

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